Saturday, 20 August 2011

Luxury Dubai’s Burj al-Arab 7-Star Hotel

Located on the premier Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai (United Arab Emirates), with a sail-like shape, gold 7-star hotel Burj al-Arab has become a Dubai landmark, the world's first 7-Star hotel and one of the world’s best hotels.

In fact, Burj al-Arab was designed to look like an Arabian vessel called a dhow. Constructed in 1994 and designed by a renowned architect named Tom Wright, Burj Al-Arab is a magnificent iconic symbol of Dubai on a par with Opera Theatre of Paris's Eiffel Tower or Sydney. The Dubai 7 Star Hotel includes all types of facilities and services with the privacy and security required for the international elite. The 7-Star hotel only caters to those discreet travelers that demand only the best and have the highest expectations. With a height of 321 meters, Burj Al-Arab is always Dubai’s pride as the second highest hotel around the world. Located on a romantic artificial island surrounded by the vast sea, 280 meters from the shore, this lavish architecture costs up to 70,000 tons of cement, 9,000 tons of steel with a total construction cost of up to 1.5 billion USD.

          Burj Al Arab is a seven-star hotel, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is thtallest building in the world used exclusively as a hotel with 321 meters high

             It stands on a romantic artificial island, just 280 meters from the shore of Jumeirah beach

         It was designed to symbolize Dubai's urban transformation and mimic the sail of a boat

                 The close-up pillars and criss-crossing spandrels are gilded with 22 karat gold

                               The fantastic image of a suite at the Burj Al Arab Hotel

                                    Stunning Lighting at Dubai's seven-star Hotel

                               The helipad of the Burj Al Arab doubles as a tennis court

Dubai’s 7-star hotel is the perfect combination between Oriental styles with meticulous patterns according to Arab architecture

                                     …and Western styles with original and reckless colors

This luxury hotel costs up to 70,000 tons of cement, 9,000 tons of steel with a total construction cost of up to 1.5 billion USD

How gorgeous a room in the Burj Al Arab Hotel is. The 28-double storied building has 202 bedroom suites, the smallest being 170 sq meters and the largest suite is a massive 780 square meters 

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