Friday, 12 August 2011

Tough Mudder: World’s Most Difficult and Strict Obstacle Courses

Designed by British Special Forces, the Tough Mudder course helps you test your stamina, toughness, fitness, and strength with a series of obstacles such as crawling through mud with barbed wire hanging 8 inches above the ground, jumping into freezing cold water, running across flaming straw, and climbing a vertical mountain of snow.
The entire course, which takes two hours and 15 minutes to complete on average, is not a race, but personal challenge. The first event was organized in May 2010 and attracted 4,500 competitors.
Particularly, every course contains two “mystery obstacles” that the Mudders aren't aware of until the race day.
With $140 registration fee, you can see how you are tough enough. Mudders can join forces by registering as a team, instead of individual.
              A map of the course is released months before the course, so Mudders can be well-prepared

              Every obstacle starts with the Tough Mudder Pledge, including “I do not whine - kids whine”

The “Kiss of Mud” obstacle is a major part. Mudders have to crawl through mud with barbed wire hanging 8 inches above the ground

In the "Boa Constrictor" obstacle, Mudders have to escape from a series of tubes partially submerging in cold and muddy water

                           The "Firewalker" obstacle forces Mudders to run through flaming straw

A marshal will decide whether a Mudder should continue the course or not if he/ she cannot complete an obstacle

In the "Funky Monkey" obstacle, Mudders have to pass across the monkey bars with freezing cold water below, some bars are even greased

                    The “Sweaty Yeti”, a vertical mountain of snow, is also part of the course

Most obstacle courses end with “Electroshock Therapy”, a field of live wires delivering shocks of up to 10,000 volts

All Mudders get one free beer along with their standard $140 tickets at a post-event party

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